We are an online store that looks after the needs of two groups of people: avid swimmers and passionate DIYers.

We supply swimming gear that will help you turn into a better swimmer (plus other essential swim accessories).

We also sell a wealth of top-rated gardening tools, woodworking equipment, car parts, and power tools affordably.

What makes us different

The composition of the team behind this e-commerce store is the game changer…

First, we have real DIYers actively evaluating products before they’re added to the store so we only promote tools that stand out.

Secondly, we involve expert trainers in the selection of the swim and sports equipment and only brands approved by them are sold by us.

The other thing that gives us an edge is that we listen to our buyer’s feedback and we are always updating our product’s lists with items our customers speak favorably of.

How we work

Our business puts you first.

Since we have been in this for years, we certainly understand what you want.

We therefore -through our contacts and understanding of the manufacturing space- source for these products from reputable brands and bring them right to your doorstep.

You simply order, make the payment, and wait for the product.

We have a standby shipping team and orders are dispatched within a couple of hours to all corners of the planet.

Thanks to our trusted product’s evaluation system, you’re sure of having a quality, genuine product delivered to you.

In short, we have brought the hassle that has been shopping for authentic tools and accessories online to a stop!

Our Story

We are a team of ardent DIYers that came together to help connect fellow DIYers and diehards with equipment that enhances their pastimes.

Ours is a long history- from going to college together to working in the same town for a decade- but perhaps the glue that really joins us is our shared keenness for anything tools.

Did I mention that we enjoy splashing around and having fun in the pool together during our free time?

Somewhere along the way, we realized that we have become a ‘consultation shop’ for our buddies and family- few would buy tools and indeed any appliance without first seeking our input.

After seeing the enquiries rise over the years, we decided to put our experience to better use by launching a formal platform from where we could promote merchandise we ourselves trust.

And that’s how this store came to being.

It has been an interesting journey and we have so far shipped a couple thousands products to different continents.

Our happiest moment is seeing a shopper return to say “Thank you. It worked!”- that feeling is just unbeatable.

We hope to add you to our ever growing list of satisfied clients.


To provide reliable tools and swimming accessories to the world affordably all the time.


To be a World renowned supplier of high-grade tools, swimming equipment, and related accessories.

What drives us

We are driven by:

1.      Passion for success

Nothing beats our passion to see you become a champion at what you do.

This burning passion makes us burn the mid night oil scouring manufacturing plants world over for the very best tools and devices.

After all, we can only succeed when you do.

2.      Care for our customers

We care for our reputation.

For this reason, we don’t mind going out of the way to do what others won’t to make you happy.

For example, we are very specific about quality when dealing with manufacturers and no amount of coercing will make us stock their merchandise if we are unhappy about the quality.

We have also invested in top-notch …everything from ordering all the way to check out is smooth sailing.

And since we value your privacy, our website is also protected by the latest web-based security protocols.

What about refunds?

Well, we have no issue processing refunds (on the rare occasions we have to)…no games, no annoying questions asked.

3.      Love for innovations

We are always on the lookout for the newest innovations and we are quick to add game-changing products to our shelves as soon as they’re announced.

We are also evolving our systems to serve you better and deliver premium value.

Ultimately, change is the only constant in life.


Our promise

Whatever you projects and activities, we are committed to seeing you succeed through our cherry-picked product's selection.